Valentino Vintage

Wooden white structures

Valentino Vintage is a new service that will take in your old Valentino garments in exchange for vouchers valid for purchasing new pieces. To promote and explain the concept, we had fun imagining a series of short videos that payed homage to the MTV idents’ era and quick narrative style while also including references to past decades’ fashion iconographies. After thousands of idents watched and magazines browsed, we wrote and produced the videos using different techniques, from film to stop motion, to 2D and 3D animation.


  • Written and directed by The Jack Stupid
  • Animation • Luis Felipe Bueno, Matteo Di Gioia, Maryveronique Lecoq, Bartolomeo Ballegi, Luca Ferrario
  • Editing • Matteo Di Gioia
  • Cinematography, color grading • Pietro Agostini
  • Set design • Elena Fumagalli
  • Sound • Lagramaille Audioboutique
  • Set Assistant • Matteo Fino