Sometimes we decide to explore territories outside our comfort zone. So, what better opportunity to test ourselves than a project in collaboration with the Laboratory of Biophysics at the University of Milano Bicocca? Professor Giberto Chirico involved us in the dissemination of the In2Sight project, a 5-year, European-wide research pathway focused on the development of new research methods in the field of biomaterials.

Through mixed techniques of 3D animation, motion graphics, and traditional animation, our small contribution to the project is an explainer video that shows in an evocative key the device (and makes it fly really high), composed of lenses and based on nanotechnologies, developed by the department. Through visual similarities, we follow, in addition to the development of the device, the path of biomaterials research, which is fraught with obstacles represented by validation protocols and processes. In2Sight aims to revolutionize these standards through its ability to optimize the time and resources spent on research, especially through synergy among various European scientific research institutions.


  • Script • Luis Felipe Bueno, Luca Ferrario, Bartolomeo Balleggi, Maryvéronique Lecoq
  • Art Direction • Luca Ferrario
  • 3D Modelling & Animation • Luis Felipe Bueno, Arnaud Chichery
  • Animation • Luca Ferrario
  • Music & SFX • La Gramaille Audio Boutique
  • Scientific Consulting • Giberto Chirico