Bongi – Elastico

"Elastico" means "rubber band".

It is under absurd and capricious laws that a lover chases his love. To reach the object of our desire we must be resilient, understanding, relentless, unbreakable. In a word, we must become elastic. In this genderless and synthetic love story, our stubborn and romantic hero bends all the rules of physics in order to be on the same plane of his desired one.

With this challenge in mind we decided to visualize Bongi’s song Elastico. May such uncharacterized, flat figures convey the strongest of human feelings through a screen?

Fanciness and flow by:

  • Luis Felipe Bueno
  • Luca "Wist" Ferrario
  • MaryvĂ©ronique Lecoq
  • Gabriel "elgasi" Silva
  • Matteo di Gioia