Italian Boi

A foreign girl falls in love with an Italian Boi.
He’s attractive and charismatic, but she realises too soon who she’s dealing with: an ignorant, chauvinist, lazy mama’s boy whose actions are completely driven by the toxic upbringing he’s too dumb to reckon.
Furious, she breaks him into pieces that fly far away and land on various Italian – stereotypical – terrains.
The epilogue shows her trying to put the pieces back together and give him a second chance.

To enrich the visual and complete the story, we generated thousands of pictures in DALL·E, tweaked the queries to get closer to the results we wanted and finally, we hand-picked the images to create stream-of-consciousness sequences and absurd stories about the Italian Boi cultural burden.

Live action, CGI and DALL·E animation.


  • Starring: Marco ‘Elektromove’ De Meo, DShock
  • Dancers : Barbara Allegrezza, Andrea Piras, Nicolò Castagni
  • Director :Matteo di Gioia
  • Director of Photography: Pietro Agostini
  • Director Assistant: Stefano Galli
  • Production Director: Alessia Gualla
  • Coreographer: Matteo Bittante
  • Set Designer: Elena Fumagalli
  • MUA & Looks: DShock, Simon Bowery, Gianfranco ‘Gianco’ Colla, Donatella Minichino
  • Hair Stylist: Fabio Leone
  • Food Design: Sergey Baranov
  • Hats: Lorenzo Seghezzi
  • Art Director: Luca Ferrario
  • 3D and 2D Animation: Bartolomeo Balleggi, Marco Perico
  • Stop Motion Animator: Mary Veronique LeCoq
  • Grading: Pietro Agostini
  • Thanks to
  • Destrage band, Bianka Schurina, Media Making, Samuele Serangeli, Andrea Castellano Visaggi, Chris Costa