Acqua Tutta Colorata

A short film that deals with the problem of contaminated water. We choose to have a delicate, indirect and naif pick on the dramatic topic, avoiding emotional shortcuts as well as easy and pitiful images of disease and poverty.

Drop 99 is a portable and affordable antibatteric filter. By screwing it on any plastic bottle, it can be used to drink undrinkable water.


  • Written by Matteo Di Gioia & Luis Felipe Bueno
  • Directed by Matteo Di Gioia
  • Produced by Luis Felipe Bueno
  • DoP • Stefano Brandolini
  • Set Design • Francesco Remo Cazzaniga
  • Grip • Lorenzo De Angelis
  • Original Music • Chris Gramaglia
  • Starring • Benedetta Soliveri, Gabriele Soliveri, Bianka Schurina
  • Voiceover • Giulia Cima