Two pairs of numbers. Even. A Palindrome. Two ages of men wedged in a turbulent chiastic cross revolving on the pivot of perpetual change. A dancing nocturnal parabola that climaxes in a new dawn, in congruence with the Gospel excerpt Matthew 24,42.

The full 22 minutes lenght film is first prize winner at the Solo Dance Contest 2020 and was premiered in Milano Pride 2020.


  • Production • Dance House + & The Jack Stupid
  • Author • Matteo Bittante
  • Dancers • Giovanni Leone (24 years old) e Matteo Bittante (42 years old)
  • Director • Matteo Di Gioia
  • DoP • Pietro Agostini
  • DoP best man • Stefano Galli
  • Assistant producer • Vittoria Franchina
  • Styling • Tom Rebl